UPDATE March 8, 2021 .....all employees at Castella Orthodontics have recieved the Phizer Vaccine and are Immunized.  

Our office is Open

Please take note of the following Covid-19 Health measures and procedures which are still in effect:

1) Prior to coming to your appointment you will recieve a confirmation e-mail/text/phone call.  It is imperitive that you RESPOND to this confirmation.  By doing so you will have indicated that your responses to the Covid Screening questions have not changed since you booked your appointment.  Your appointment will be rescheduled if you do not reply.

2) please brush before your appointment (our toothbrushing station is closed)      

3) Your Car is our new Waiting room.  Please text or CALL us when you arrive and we will text you back when we are ready to see you.

4) You will need to come to your appointment with a Mask and wear it while in the office.  This is a requirement that has been mandated by the Ministry of Health.

5) Only the patient and if absolutely necessary a parent can enter the office. 

6) Prior to entry we will ask you the Covid screening questions(also when you book your appointment).

7) We will sanitize your hands and take your temperature on entry.

8) We may ask you to rinse with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse prior to treatment

9) Prior to leaving we will again sanitize your hands.  If you test positive for COVID- 19 in the next 14 days you are required to contact our office immediately.

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