Dr. Castella routinely travels to volunteer his dental service to needy areas in Central and South America and most recently to Africa. Here are some pictures from a few of his trips. Ask him about his most recent trip!

Dr. Castella at work in Chiriru, Dominican Republic

Clinic set up in Chiriru, Dominican Republic 2015

Dr. Castella orthodontist doing some general dental work

Dominican child with dental infection draining through the face...poor kid :(


Line up early in the morning for dental treatment in our temporary clinic in a funeral home!! Dominican Republic

that is a lot of use anaesthetic needles that we used that week.

Temporary clinic in School room in Ecuador

People waiting outside the dental clinic for their turn to see Me and the Dental Team

Arriving for a Dental Appt. in Ecuador

Arriving by boat to Clinic in Ecuador

Dental and Medical team outside our floating reed island on Lake Titicaca, Peru

Waiting for Dad to finish with the Dentist.

Waiting room in Illave, Peru near the Bolivia

Dental Clinic in Illave Peru

Peruvian Smiles

Need more light sometimes.

Very cold morning in Peru.....14000 ft. altitude

Peru happy patients

Flooding of Dental Clinic during daily afternoon downpour in Panama, 2014

Davide, Panama 2014

Sometimes the visitors were for the Dogs....City of Davide in Panama 2014

Dr. Connor treating a patient in Panama

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